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Innovative Manufacturing Academy Cuts the Ribbon

September 18, 2017, Iuka, Mississippi.    A partnership of Northeast Mississippi Community College, Mississippi Silicon, Rural Development Partners, Appalachian Regional Commission, and Tennessee Valley Authority has committed $237,033 to a manufacturing academy at Northeast Mississippi Community College Iuka Campus.   Tishomingo County is providing the space, furnishings, utilities, and high speed Internet for the academy.

The funds will be used to provide specialized job training and for gas cards for unemployed and underemployed persons to attend the academy. The manufacturing academy started on September 18, 2017, and is free to applicants.

Mississippi Silicon Human Resource Director Mark Ivey stated that “we are pleased to partner with Rural Development Partners, Appalachian Regional Commission, Tishomingo County, Tennessee Valley Authority, and Northeast Mississippi Community College to help prepare workers for jobs in modern manufacturing. Mississippi Silicon will offer internships and apprenticeships to successful NEMCC program participants.”

NEMCC Workforce Instructor Remington Wilson stressed that “our goal is to empower people to be able to get a job anywhere, not just in manufacturing. The skills you learn in this course are applicable to every job. Some of the topics we cover include health and safety procedures on the job, CPR, efficiency methods, precision measuring, interview skills, among others. Graduates of the program earn up to five certifications that employers look for when considering new hires.”

Tishomingo County Board of Supervisors President Greg Collier stated that “Tishomingo County has been fortunate over the past decade to be able to recruit many fine industries to our county, industries such as BMSI, Comfort Revolution, Contract Fabricators, G&G Steel, HAGO Automotive, KX Technologies, Max Home, Mississippi Silicon, Roll Form Group, Skyline Steel, Tiffin Motorhomes, Vanleigh RV, Villa International, and others. In addition, we have won several significant industrial expansions and are working on other projects as we speak. Virtually all of the industries that we have mentioned are seeking workers with skills. We urge our citizens to take advantage of NEMCC’s manufacturing academy, make a brighter future for yourself, and help us meet the needs of our businesses and industries for skilled and trainable employees.”

Tishomingo County District 1 Supervisor Brandon Grissom emphasized that “a lot of people have worked for years to make this free academy a reality. Now, those who desire to create a better future for themselves and their families have a way to do so at no cost to them.”

NEMCC Manufacturing Academy Cuts the Ribbon

Clarence McGregor, Vice President, Rural Development Partners, stated that “we are impressed with this beautiful facility and gratified to see how the grant funds are being used to help the unemployed and underemployed to acquire job skills that will help them succeed in the workplace and that the project will be deemed successful.”

President Ricky Ford said that “Northeast Mississippi Community College is pleased to present this program on behalf of Mississippi Silicon, Rural Development Partners, Appalachian Regional Commission, Tishomingo County, and Tennessee Valley Authority”.
Specific aspects of the manufacturing academy include the following:

NCRC WORKKEYS. NCRC is the National Career Readiness Certificate. It is an industry portable national credential developed by ACT. The assessment takes approximately four hours to complete. The results of the assessment confirms a person’s basic intellectual workplace skills and abilities such as the ability to solve problems, think critically, understand workplace documents and graphic literacy, apply math skills, and locate and analyze information.

MANUFACTURING ACADEMY–PART ONE: NECESSARY SKILLS/SMART START. 45-hour course covering career exploration, diversity training, teamwork and problem-solving, communication and listening skills, goal setting and time management, professional image, roles of employers and employees, financial awareness/life skills, workplace documents, applied math, and graphic literacy.

MANUFACTURING ACADEMY–PART TWO: MANUFACTURING SKILLS. 50-hour course includes the CRC exam and expands employability skills listed in the Smart Start section. In addition, the blended learning approach provides knowledge and application in OSHA-10, Heartsaver CPR, production documents (reading ortho drawings, dimensioning and tolerancing), precision measurement (instruments, calculations, conversions, etc.), and high-performance manufacturing (lean, 5S, value stream, quality tools, SPC, quality management systems, etc.).

JOB PASS. 3-hour physical ability skills simulation comprised of several workstations that measure physical performance in a basic industry environment. Results are reported on a person’s ability to lift, walk, bend, squat, pull, stretch, assemble, solve problems, follow safety and task instructions, climb, and use hand tools.

GAS CARDS. Applicants attending classes will be awarded a $25 gas card during each week of perfect attendance. Upon completion of the entire program, an additional $100 will be awarded, up to $250 total per person.

INTERVIEWS. Graduates will be guaranteed an interview at Mississippi Silicon. Hiring is at company discretion based on normal hiring practices. Other companies have indicated a desire to interview those who may not be hired by Mississippi Silicon.

INTERNSHIPS. Graduates who meet minimum hiring guidelines will be encouraged to apply for the internship program. Preference is given to applicants who live in at-risk conditions. Up to 16 individuals will be selected to participate in the program. Northeast will hold $54,000 of the grant money submitted by Rural Development Partners to reimburse Mississippi Silicon 50% of the apprentice’s salary.

For more information, or to sign up for this free academy, visit the web site @


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