Project Details

Project Overview

  • Wood Pellet Mill
  • Location

  • Quitman, MS
  • Project Type

  • Operating Business - Rural
  • Job Creation

  • 25 full time jobs
  • 40 indirect jobs
  • BTH Quitman

    The Story

    BTH Quitman produces torrefied wood pellets, which are a renewable, carbon-neutral energy source that is more energy dense than wood and almost as dense as coal. Typical feedstock is wood waste from local sawmills and pine thinnings.

    In addition to advanced technology, this project featured innovative incentive financing. Utilizing a combination of federal and state NMTC equity with bond financing from the MS Business Finance Corporation, this project brought together a wide range of investors.

    Producing nearly 150,000 tons of final product annually using 400,000 tons of raw biomass input, this facility creates new markets for “thinnings” or the removal of some trees from tree farms to keep them healthy and viable. The project also purchases waste residuals from sawmills in the area which will help that industry.

    The Financing

    • Total Project Cost: $15 million
    • MuniStrategies Allocation: $5.6 million
    • Investment subsequent to NMTCs: $28 million

    The Impacts

    • Economic: BTH Quitman is one of the largest employers in the town of Quitman and plays a large role in the communities’ business recruitment activities. More importantly, their consumption of pine thinnings and other wood waste has a large ripple effect for local landowners who get paid higher prices for feedstock so that those dollars recycle in the local economy.
    • Jobs: The plant currently employs 48 with 23 coming as a result of the NMTC financing.
    • Community: The company has been an active corporate participant by sponsoring events like the community Book Fair and two Chamber of Commerce events at their facility.
    • Workforce Development: BTH provides substantial initial and ongoing technical/safety training to new employees.  Additional specialty training is available based on job classification and need.


    In the News

    Biomass production plant brings jobs to Clarke County

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