MuniStrategies awarded $50M in NMTCs by CDFI for 2013-2014 round bringing 3 year total to $128M in awards.

Tax Credit Investing in Mississippi and Alabama

MuniStrategies, LLC, specializes in tax-advantaged lending and investing. Our particular focus is investing in low-income communities in rural areas in Mississippi and Alabama. We are a Certified Development Entity (CDE) as recognized through the Department of Treasury to participate in New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) financing. In 2011, MuniStrategies was awarded $28M in NMTC allocation. That allocation was completely invested by 2012. In 2013, MuniStrategies was awarded and deployed a second allocation of $50M in NMTCs in five projects. 88% of these projects funded in 2013 were in rural areas.

In 2014, MuniStrategies was recently awarded its third NMTC allocation of $50M bringing it's total NMTCs allocations to $128M.

Our current focus is helping small businesses and entrepreneurs match with state and federal historic and New Markets credits to make tax advantaged investments in Mississippi and Alabama through a variety of investment vehicles.

Check out our Google Fusion 2010 census NMTC eligibility maps for Mississippi and Alabama.

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