MuniStrategies completes deployment of $50M in New Markets Tax Credits by CDFI for 2012-2013 round.

Tax Credit Investing in Mississippi and Alabama

MuniStrategies, LLC, is a Mississippi-based investment firm that specializes in tax-advantaged financing. Our particular focus is in low-income communities. We are a Certified Development Entity (CDE) as recognized through the Department of Treasury to participate in New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) financing. In 2011, MuniStrategies was awarded $28M in NMTC allocation. That allocation was completely invested by 2012. MuniStrategies was awarded a second allocation of $50M in NMTCs to deploy throughout Mississippi and Alabama and all of those NMTCs were deployed in 2013. Five projects were the focus of MuniStrategies staff in 2013 and a major focus were rural, non-metro communities which saw 88% of this allocation.

Our current focus is helping small businesses and entrepreneurs match with state and federal historic and New Markets credits to make tax advantaged investments in Mississippi and Alabama through a variety of investment vehicles.

Check out our Google Fusion 2010 census NMTC eligibility maps for Mississippi and Alabama.

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